The preparation and defense of the Degree Final Project is one of the major developments derived from the process of building the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). This work reflects all learning acquired by students in previous years of the corresponding degree or grade, where students face the process of autonomous knowledge generation and the difficulties of practical or applied work.

We present the results of the development of a multimedia tutorial built to guide students in a subject oriented to the conclusion of the final grade. For this purpose we developed this guide at the University of Valencia (Spain) including the following steps: a) determination of the contents that must be included in the tutorial and design of learning objects, b) technical development and implementation of web materials and c) evaluation of both materials developed and learning processes.

We have prepared the following learning objects: didactic units that describe the characteristics, structure and content that must meet each of the sections that make up the final project work; list of relevant resources that are useful to make an approach to the "state of art" and to facilitate the writing skills (such as databases or reference management software); tests for students to verify the adequacy of the texts that have been prepared according to the rules and characteristics of the final project work; and, finally, a video as an example where an oral presentation and defense of the project is shown. Exelearning software was used for the development of materials. For the evaluation process quantitative (satisfaction survey) and qualitative (interviews) have been combined.