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M. González, I. González, M. Bermejo

Universidad Miguel Hernandez (SPAIN)
The need of a strong effort towards science popularisation and education is nowadays evident as a mean to face the dramatic lack of scientists and students in advanced Countries, distrust of citizens in front of science advancements and new technologies and insufficient attention of Governments to funding of research.
The past attitude of scientists living in their ivory tower, asking money without reporting on results and use of public resources has clearly been unsuccessful.
Today everybody worries about "transfer of technology" (bringing money) more than about "transfer of knowledge” (bringing students and ideas) and of cultural growth at social level deriving from science (which favours acceptance of new technologies and funding from the Governments).But, it is not only necesary the publications of the research results on specific journals with high impact factor between the scientist community. The diffusion of science has been identified as an instrument and even as a social movement capable of helping strengthen citizenship and improving the health of populations. Nowadays, people are more instructed and required more information about the development of new technologies and science and medical advances.

The aim of this paper is to analyse the impact of the news about science and technology in society and discusses the role of those who produce knowledge in health science as well as those who disseminate it, focusing on the function of newspapers.

We have performed a temporary analysis, a space analysis and a content analysis of the information related to health science and technology in the newspaper of greater diffusion in “Comunidad Valenciana” during the period of time understood between January 2008 to nowadays.

keywords: kknowledge.