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M. González, I. González, M. Bermejo

Universidad Miguel Hernandez (SPAIN)
An important issue towards increasing the quality of the high education is to prepare students to the “market of education”. It is then necessary to integrate the high education in science with a further “market offer” for both students and the general public. This would involve Universities and Research Centers into “profit” activities, enhancing their relationship with the local society.
Our work treated about the perception of the students about the role of the practices in their formation. Practices suppose an opportunity to increase their knowledge about the profession and even more, to take contact with their future laboral world.

The companies and society are not going to define the university study plans but they are participants in an environment that demands training for citizens and professionals that are capable of responding to a global and dynamic world. The university has the responsibility of answering to the society demands. The principal tool in order to get competent students to the nowadays society is to include practices on the academic offering. But the practices plan has to include some quality markers.
The idea is to analyse the practices of the Pharmacy degree and to study, with the help of the students, the way to improve the quality of them. We performed a comparative study about the practices profile and the job opportunities in order to establish the discordance points and to propose new strategies to approach the employment problem.

This report analyses the latest knowledge, research, experiences and practices to rethink and propose new routes for the interchange of values between higher education institutions and society. This may be achieved through reconsidering the role that is assigned to higher education in terms of its contribution to human and social development in economic, political, social, human, environmental and cultural spheres.
keywords: practices, research.