R.A. Gomez Ortiz, L. Rocha Lona, X.E. Macotela Mendez

Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Escuela Superior de Comercio y Administración (MEXICO)
There is particular interest to know how higher educational institutions (HEI) manage innovation processes as it seems to be a lack of evidence on how these processes are managed and their performance they have after implementation. In this way, the purpose of this article was to assess innovation management processes implemented in some HEI in Mexico. The methodology for this study consisted in a quantitative study, in which an analysis was performed using statistical correlation with the following variables: innovation, teaching, infrastructure, research and management. The instrument to collect the data was distributed by internet and eight institutions across Mexican states collaborated in the study, thus, the results are limited to the answers of these institutions and should not be generalized. The main results show that the best relationship was between management and research (r=0.468308065) and the weakest correlation was found between infrastructure and management (r=0.084986379). It was also observed that many teachers are not aware of the deployment and implications of innovation processes even though they participate on them.