R.A. Gomez Ortiz

Instituto Politecnico Nacional (MEXICO)
The purpose of the research was to compare the educative offer of doctorate programs in the field of the administration of European countries and Mexico in order to identify the differences and similarities and propose alternatives of educative offer in this level as well as elements to improve the evaluation of its quality.

It is a comparative evaluation research, focused on qualitative aspects. Using the technique of benchmarking, the doctorate programs in administration offered in countries such as Germany, Spain, England, Italy and Mexico were compared as well as the categories, indicators and parameters implemented by the evaluating organisms of doctorate programs.

Among the findings, it was observed that in Germany the 69,7%, in France 86%, Italy with the 81,5%, England with 75%, Spain with the 68,55% and Mexico with 68%, the doctorate programs that are offered at national level, are unique, that is to say, they are only offer by an institution.

In the case of programs that evaluate the quality of the doctorates, they have the same time and its intention is its improvement. The programs evaluate the same variables: program, productivity of professors, efficiency of students and others. In the productivity of professors, they consider the same indicators but in some countries it is required that professors are registered in their national information system, otherwise they are not considered in the evaluation of the program.

Some of the conclusions were: Those doctorates that are offered in different institutions and different countries could be Inter institutional at international level. The unique programs are an opportunity to offer itself in those countries where they do not exist.

Regarding the evaluation of the quality of doctorates, in the European countries the publications acquire relevance to the degree to determine the structure that must cover published articles. In Mexico the rules are established by the magazines where the articles are published.