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Pages: 2242-2247
Publication year: 2012
ISBN: 978-84-616-0763-1
ISSN: 2340-1095

Conference name: 5th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation
Dates: 19-21 November, 2012
Location: Madrid, Spain


E.A. Gómez Lozoya, R. Zamora Linares

Universidad Autónoma Chapingo (MEXICO)
The Autonomous University of Chapingo (UACh) is part of the processes of educational innovation, which are at the moment the distinctive sign that marks the national effort in the search for the educational quality in the teaching-learning process, through the use of new information and communication technologies (ICTS). In this sense, we are working on the development of a faculty training program consisting of courses "Moodle for teachers I and II" as well as "Web 2.0 tools for education".
These courses, based on a constructivist pedagogical model of character and blended learning, are directed in the first instance to teachers at the University Autónoma Chapingo who have been involved in the development and adoption of skills necessary for the creation of virtual educational environments.
The aim is to contribute to design and deliver a model alternative institutional education that promotes the formation and ongoing training at the university population in a virtual way. Through this program we work with them to the teacher in the process of design, creation, administration and implementation of courses in a virtual exercise called "tests and Practices" that provides a space in the LCMS Moodle intended to the rehearsal of the virtual teaching practice in two respects, The first refers to the test in temporary form of the programs that are intended to bid online and they are currently in development, and the second, "tests and Practices" is a tool to support the classroom system. These training programs for teachers in the UACh in regard to the use of the Moodle platform and web 2.0 tools courses are designed with a simultaneous role student-teacher.
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AU - E.A. Gómez Lozoya AU - R. Zamora Linares
SN - 978-84-616-0763-1/2340-1095
PY - 2012
Y1 - 19-21 November, 2012
CI - Madrid, Spain
JO - 5th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation
JA - ICERI2012 Proceedings
SP - 2242
EP - 2247
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E.A. Gómez Lozoya, R. Zamora Linares (2012) ONLINE EDUCATION: CONTINUOUS TRAINING, ICERI2012 Proceedings, pp. 2242-2247.