R.A. Gómez, I.R. Vela, A.I. Alcantara

Esca Unidad Santo Tomás, Instituto Politécnico Nacional (MEXICO)
The educational research is an essential tool for feeding the different management processes from any educational institution, to improve their quality and to increase the development of scientific and technological research. In this framework the General coordination of training and educational innovation (CGFIE), launched the program "Promotion to educational research", this agency coordinated the planning of a school programme where are involved different academic units of the Institute, reason by which the objective was to identify management strategies implemented by the interdisciplinary professional unit of engineering and social sciences and administrative of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), through a diagnostic of transversal type study.

Based on the theoretical framework, as well as in the reference and conceptual framework, were defined operationally the different dimensions, and the objective and the question of research: which strategies of communication, training, resources and follow-up are managed in UPIICSA so that their teachers perform educational research in the IPN?

From the above, we designed a questionnaire with 70% reliability. The population of teachers in such professional unit is 850 teachers, who taught class at the undergraduate level, but the questionnaire was applied to a sample of 10% where this total 57% were men and 43% women. Among the results was found: A large majority of these teachers has master's degree studies, of them a minority has published on average two articles every three years. Few have conducted educational research and those who works in this, have received support, time, resource material, economic and others; training is what is mostly favored in the research field.

The most important conclusions were: strategies used by the academic unit to support the development of research exist but are linked to the institutional strategies and under existing regulations. However this academic unit drives, through different mechanisms, educational research, however it is necessary to implement other mechanisms to increase the number of projects which teachers are recording in the field of educational research.