M. Goga1, M.I. Șerban2

1Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest (ROMANIA)
2Secondary School Finta (ROMANIA)
International concerns for combating bullying have been around for years. This phenomenon persists and is very common in schools. Bullying is a form of aggression that is common among secondary school students, manifesting itself in aggressive behavior toward one or more students in the class, using insults, nicknames, lies, intimidation, threats against someone or even to acts of violence. Teachers, parents and education specialists make huge efforts to prevent and manage this phenomenon which has many facets not only in the traditional education environment but also in the online one. This research aims to investigate the opinions of teachers, parents and students on the manifestation of bullying in secondary school. The research was conducted with 153 people, including 116 students, 22 teachers and 15 parents from two schools in Dâmbovița County, Romania. We used both qualitative and quantitative research methods for teachers, students and parents, namely, questionnaire, interview and case studies. Research shows that boys are more aggressive than girls, and girls are starting to become more aggressive. Also, the most common forms of bullying in school are verbal, students manifesting these forms during class, during breaks or even after class. Last but not least, the main causes for which bullying manifestations appear are the desire to manifest their power, interests, different opinions, differences in material status. In this article we will present the research and its main results.