M. Goga1, M.M. Bolborici2

1Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest (ROMANIA)
2Kindergarten with Extension Program no 1, Urziceni (ROMANIA)
In the integrated activities with the preschoolers, the use of ICT brings a novelty and increases the interest both of children and teachers. The use of new technologies in teaching activities encourages innovation and modernization of the teaching process. It facilitates the understanding of phenomena by children, promotes cooperative learning, develops teamwork skills, but also allows for individualized and personalized learning. This research aims to explore the relevance of the use of ICT by teachers and pupils in the integrated activities at kindergarten. The research was done with 140 people, including 76 teachers,15 kindergarten directors and 49 kids from kindergartens in Ialomița county. We used both qualitative and quantitative research methods for teachers and directors, namely, questionnaire, interview and experiment. Research results show that the interest of the teachers/directors for the use of educational software or other technologies in the integrated activities is very high. ICT is an effective learning medium that causes significant changes in the acquisition of knowledge and attitude towards children's learning. Also, the use of new technologies facilitates the understanding of new concepts through the visual and auditory support it offers, stimulates independence in finding the right solutions for tasks, ensures learning through play, develops cognitive performance in a pleasant way, encourages a personalized and differentiated approach of the children. And last but not least, the learning progress of children is significant. In this article we will present the research and its main results.