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M. Goga1, C. Buzoeanu2

1Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest (ROMANIA)
2Gheorghe Lazar Elementary School (ROMANIA)
E-learning and ICT are two terms that are used more and more in education. They are in close correlation when talking about the learning process. This article highlights the role of e -learning and ICT in the educational process in Romanian schools.

The research was conducted on a sample of 133 people (teachers and students) selected from 3 schools (one secondary school and two high schools - rural and urban) from Ialomița county, Romania. The methods and data collection tools were: survey-based questionnaire and interviews. Some of the results of the research are the followings. For example it was revealed that although ICT is a source of information and applications, it is not considered necessary to be used for all teaching subjects in the schools. Students, however, prefer ICT to be integrated in the educational process. Although there is ICT that can be integrated into the educational process, there are teachers who prefer the traditional teaching style because either they are not trained to use ICT and e-learning, or they want to stick to what they were used up-to-now. The paper presents the quantitative and qualitative studies that were made, together with the analysis of the results and its conclusions. The results of this research provide insights into the opinions of teachers and students regarding the use of new technologies and e-learning in the teaching – learning process.
keywords: e-learning, ict, education.