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M. Goga

Universitatea de Constructii (ROMANIA)
The last decade has seen a significant expansion in e-learning technologies both for education and training in the Romanian educational system. Although one can witness this significant expansion of E-learning, there is not much in the existing literature regarding the psycho-pedagogical aspects of E-learning in Romania, especially in comparison with the situation at international level. Next to this, the academic profile of the e-tutor - who is the key person for the e-learning system - is not yet developed. In this context it is a need for a training module. This study tries to fill those gaps. The present study in this article has as the main goal the professionalization of the tutor for the e-learning system in Romania. Therefore we have developed an online training model for the e-tutor. The model is based on the research done in 16 faculties from Romania and 9 other countries from Europe, USA, Asia, with 97 tutors and 244 university students. The model has four pillars, namely, pedagogical, social, managerial, and technological. We have used both quantitative and qualitative research with questionnaires, interviews, for teachers and students from Romania and another countries. In this article we present the research done and its main outcomes.