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M. Glatz, B. Mišota, M. Kuperova

Institute of Management STU (SLOVAKIA)
One of the main accelerators of the innovative activities that can contribute to the economic growth in the 21st century will be primarily young educated people. These are now growing up surrounded by the huge opportunities provided by constantly evolving Information and communication technologies. Without them, the young generation can no longer imagine communication. They prefer free hypertext access to information they can freely process. They are inconceivably creative and skilled in the use of technological tools. They are trying to find new ways to use Information and communication technology to gain access to the new information. The document is focused on the analysis of the possibilities and the description of some digital educational platforms and the integration of plugins modules based on web applications. We have used Content Managment System in our case. Based on the survey, we found the impact of the number of voluntary quizzes on the overall student score during the semester. This quiz was created by a selected student on a particular theme. We also tried to analyze the impact of self-regulation and self-evaluation study during the overall evaluation. In the article, we also tried to approach the possibilities of deploying of the new applications within the extended teaching of economic subjects at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava.