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D. Gkotzos1, G. Potamias2

1University of Crete (GREECE)
2University of Athens (GREECE)
This paper aspires to examine collaboration in the context of concept mapping by exploring the way in which concept mapping could be introduced into collaborative learning activities. ICTs have helped much the development of concept mapping. On the other hand, multimodality is a major factor in promoting education through multidimensional aspects in an approach determined by its social environment. Thus, multimodal educational approach enhances not only the teaching through the principles of ICT education and technology, but also the reforming of school culture. The use of multimodal ICT tools in concept mapping is part of the use of computers as mind tools. In our paper we are going to investigate the extent to which multimodal ICT concept mapping tools could be effectively used in collaborative learning and problem solving activities with a particular focus on online concept mapping environments, like Cmap tools and Text2mindmap. Through this project students can carry out a different multimodal approach of collaborative learning and problem solving, achieving not only the development of their creativity and imagination but also their cognitive and social awareness.