"SUPREMAS interdisciplinary teaching innovation group", created in 2007, is currently integrated by teachers of four different disciplines (Business, Geology, Law, and Public Health) and two universities (University of Alcala and Complutense University). Main aim of the group is improving teaching through innovation in different areas and levels. It is based on its interdisciplinary composition, using it to enhance its projection and as an opportunity to learn.

During these 5 years of joint collaboration, the disciplinary integration degree has varied in intensity depending on many factors, but always trying to find how to achieve improvements on the educational practice, and the integration of multiple disciplinary perspectives.

The aim of this study is to show the process of innovation as a group we have carried out, highlighting the challenges and opportunities of working from this interdisciplinary approach. The methodology used has been exploring the points of view from the different actors involved. We passed a test that all the members had to answer individually. All the questions of the test were related to the interdisciplinary work. The result is a deep reflection, first individually and later in group, in which we can discover the enrichment not only as teachers and researchers, but as people and the common goal of improving teaching and promoting
permanently the teaching-learning process and its quality.