C. Gibaldi

Harvard & St.John's University (UNITED STATES)
This presentation will address how faculty in Higher Education can use the "flipped classroom" to maximize learning and students ability to apply what they've learned. A major complaint from industry and other workplaces is that graduated students are not able to apply what they've learned, and this might be in part due to being passively educated. Most students are not actively engaged in the learning process and therefore have less of a probability of retaining what they've learned, as well as being able to apply "it". The "flipped classroom" can many times be viewed as a workshop in part. The learners can inquire about content, test their skills by applying knowledge, and interact with one another in hands - on activities. The Professor/instructor functions somewhat as a coach or guide, encouraging learners to be actively engaged in inquiry as well as working collaboratively.

Best practices will be examined and discussed as well as potential pit falls.