C. Gibaldi

Harvard & St. John's University (UNITED STATES)
There has been a movement afoot in the United States that is anti-higher education, and unfortunately it seems to be slowly destroying our once "stealer" system. I would suspect that these people/groups, given the opportunity, would like to actually shut down most universities. Possibly even destroy them outright. Given that this notion or idea is impossible in our democracy, where some of us are working to make higher education more available and attainable, and actually attempting to close the divide that exists (30% of the U.S. with college education, and 70% without), the process of destroying higher education has been much slower and less obvious, but none the less effective..

What this paper will address is how a movement has been growing in the U.S. to make it more difficult for individuals to attain a college degree, not easier. The result has been increasing numbers of people moving into poverty rather than out, and the "breaking" of large groups/segments of people in this country. American corporatism has become part of this problem as much as a highly conservatism and reactionary movement that does not believe in assisting others. The frightening fact is that this movement is growing in number and strength. During the last three presidential elections, to be labeled well educated and intelligent was seen by many as a negative.

Six factors will be addressed in describing how the anti-higher education movement is slowly destroying higher education in in the U. S, and what needs to be done to reverse this movement.