M. Gheitanchian1, A. Hazratzad2, M. Bava Harji1

1Multimedia University (MALAYSIA)
2Qatar University (QATAR)
In recent years, multimedia has made a considerable alternation in the world of teaching and learning. It pushes the instructional environment towards modes in which instructors and students follow the strategies which are quite different from their traditional techniques of teaching and learning. Multimedia technology is to be applied to change the focus of attention from conventional techniques of instruction to the modern mode and to increase the learning outcomes.
Naturally, developing instructional framework, which can put the act of teaching/learning on the right track to get the maximum of output at the end of the teaching course, is one of the great concerns of the researchers. So, the focus of this study is on the process of implementing a multimedia-integrated syllabus in an Iranian EFL context. The participants were Iranian freshman students who attended a general English course at the university. The purpose was to come up with practical and effective techniques which lead students to build knowledge and learn how to learn.
The results of the study may provide useful information for curriculum planners, syllabus and course designers, and instructors .