T. Geramitcioski, V. Mitrevski, I. Vilos, P. Mitrevski

University "St. Kliment Ohridski" (MACEDONIA)
The academic undergraduate program in Environmental Protection Engineering is designed as a highly interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary study program at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Bitola, and is comprised of several educational research fields from the engineering vocation. In its realization, the areas of environmental protection, machinery, energy, electrical engineering, management and construction, as well as the basic scientific disciplines of mathematics, chemistry, physics and other sciences that form the basis of a multidisciplinary engineering study program in environmental protection, are studied. A special problem of the transition countries, such as the unequal economic growth and the need for plausible development, imperatively impose the need for educated professionals who will be ready and educated in such a way to solve the accumulated complex problems in the area of environmental protection engineering. The aim of the study program is to mold an expert who owns a sufficient necessary knowledge of the basic scientific disciplines to create a clear picture of the processes unfolding in the industrial systems and the environment, as well as knowledge and skills from traditional engineering disciplines and applied scientific disciplines, such as waste and hazardous substances management, environmental projects, assessments, managing and reducing the threat and risk over the environment. The serial concept of pre-gradual and post-gradual study via Bologna Declaration looks simple, but it is quite difficult to work out its contents and program: it is necessary to distinguish between goals of separate stages of education (3-2-3) in relation to different profiles of the graduates. Nevertheless, it is necessary to economize in the education process by approximating curricula across technical departments in the early semesters of education. This is a prerequisite for introducing parallel education in a foreign language and for the implementation of distance learning elements.