L. Gazizova

Kazan (Volga region) Federal University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
At the present stage of development of education and innovative learning technologies there are no doubts that grammar teaching, that goes back many centuries, is one of the main aspects in foreign language teaching. Traditional deductive approaches have ceded ground to an innovative, widely spread and highly motivating communicative approach. Teachers have to find out and introduce new technologies and innovative practices in the educational process in order to make students motivated, competitive and competent.

The article studies the ways of adapting authentic materials in Spanish language classroom, describes methods of introducing different grammar activities in such a way that students get acquainted with grammar through video materials and commercials. Authentic materials are an effective instrument of influence on the audience as they create a real native language background allowing teachers make grammar more “from a real life”, not just patterns or repetitive exercises. The author believes that teaching grammar using authentic materials helps to modify and organize the lesson in a most efficient way.

The article presents different activities and tasks based on authentic materials. It focuses on various effective techniques of introducing grammar in Spanish language classroom in order to improve the students’ language skills and communicative interaction.