A. Gayazov

Ministry of Education of the Republic of Bashkortostan (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
The education is a fundamental factor in formation a personality, in development of the society and the state and it is a strategic resource in providing national security of the country. National education creates and increases intellectual, spiritual and economic potential of the nation, helps to form a real Russian citizen.
The concept of National Education is closely connected with the concept of “Cosmopolitism”. The direct meaning of this word is the “World citizen”. As a philosophical concept it presupposes rejection from national traditions, customs, refusal from the State as a social form of governing people, the priority of cross cultural and cross national interests in comparison with national ones, adoption of the idea of all people unity. In the official doctrine the concept of “Cosmopolitism” used to be treated as an opposition to Patriotism. Nowadays the treatment of Cosmopolitism has dramatically changed. This fact is connected with ideas of Global education.
Constitutions of almost all countries declare the necessity of gradual transformation of the society into a social society. Nowadays there is a task to form not only a civil social society but an educational society.
An educational society is a society in which the main target for every person turns out to be getting a proper education as the factor that satisfies the fundamental rights of people (as it is declared in the Declaration of Human Rights). The main thing is the answer to the question what is the role of knowledge in present day social processes. The society that is coming after the modern society is supposed to be rather a knowledge-based society, or a knowledge society or a learning society than the society based on the extension of industry and knowledge.
The system of education in Russia is closely connected with all dynamic processes that are taking place in economy, social and political life of the present society which is striving for democratic innovations. Education not only registers amendments in the society but also governs the evolutionary process, determines the type of the society that is being constructed.
Education as a social institute from being always somewhere behind social and economic processes in the society in Russia is gradually turning into a crucial stimulating factor which has an impact on the development and the enrichment of social-cultural traditions in the society. In this case the leading concept of the present day education turns to be a humanitarian concept of the education development, which means that education should be transformed into a new type. This type of education presupposes learning and acquisition of universal values, the latest achievements in science and technology.
There is every reason for us to say that the targets formulated above can be achieved upon only one ground – if the education has a leading role in the society. The leading role of education means first of all orientation of all educating activities and their results onto the perspective demands in economy, in industrial and nonindustrial spheres. The leading role of education presupposes not the adaptation of education institutes to the market system but rather correlation of their functioning and the market system. The latter is treated as a positive fact in present day Russia which stimulates and makes more dynamic all aspects of educational institutions of higher professional education.