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M. Gawlik-Kobylińska

War Studies University (POLAND)
One of the ways of security and defense education quality improvement is the implementation of a project-based method in the teaching process. The project method is treated as one of many teaching methods that are based on the learners' own activities. It organizes learning around projects and relies on different strategies to solve the problem. Students are prepared for interdisciplinary thinking, generating their own ideas, creative thinking, and creating own resources. These skills are crucial in education for security and safety, a multidisciplinary subject which is taught at Polish civil-military universities.

In the era of new technologies, learning activities are frequently performed in digital environments such as e-learning platforms. They can be user-friendly Learning Management Systems (LMSs) or Learning Content Management Systems (LCMSs). Specific functions of the systems help teachers to monitor students' learning progress, conduct a formative assessment, distribute the content, and individualize tasks. These functions enabling effective teaching and learning management, enhance the realization of a project-based e-training.

The article discusses the application of teaching and learning management tools in a project-based security and defence e-training. The author indicates that e-learning platforms, with their tools for learning and teaching management, can stand as a conducive learning environment in which project-based method can be effectively realised. The analysis will be supported with three case studies from the civil-military environment.