P. Gavino, C. Genobiagon

University of Mindanao (PHILIPPINES)
This tracer was conducted in order to determine how the graduates of the mechanical engineering course of the University of Mindanao fared after school.

From period 2005-2011 a survey was conducted among the graduates who were purposively chosen from the list of the alumni of the program. The systematic sampling was conducted in order to address the representativeness of the sample with the whole population.

It was found that the employability of the graduates was found to be very high (92.9%) of which 75% of them are working in a job that are related with their educational training. The graduates are mostly sought in the industries of manufacturing (42.86%), in the construction (14.29%), in the wholesale and retail (10.71%), in the electricity, gas and water supply (7.14%) and least in the hotel and restaurant industries.

The mechanical engineering graduates are not only finding jobs locally (85.71%) but are also making good impressions internationally (10.71%). Though, of those who are finding good jobs, job hunting remained their consistent answer more than half revealed that their current isn’t really their first job (56%). The causes for job explores were mostly salary (71.40%), followed by their career pursuits (64.30%), the employment of their skills at work (28.60%) and a small number attributes change of jobs due to work proximity with residence (14.30%).

It is worthy of notice that graduates of the University are well accommodated in the manufacturing industry and are receiving modest salaries and are moving through their career lines.