R. Gatti

University of Bologna (ITALY)
Presentation of SPF:
The on line LifeLongLearning System ( SPF ) is a free and public National Project ; a project by Ministero Italiano del Lavoro; collaboration and management by isfol and Enaip.

General objective:
To accompany the National systems of labour market and vocational training system’s implementation offering lifelong learning opportunities supported by the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and aimed at qualification/riqualification of human resources operating in those systems.

Target groups:

Reference areas of the Italian labour market and educational development:
• Accreditation and Certification;
• Compulsory education;
• Apprenticeship;
• Continuous vocational training;
• Lifelong learning;
• Employment services;
• Higher education.

Professional figures:
• Trainers;
• Secondary school teachers;
• Employment Services operators;
• Companies’ training managers.

Educational pattern:
Tutorial learning (content retention and comprehension)
Collaborative learning (content contextualization and application)

Strategic objective of SPF is:
To create virtual learning environments capable to support the development of operators’ professional networks (Comunities of practice),where knowledge can be created and re-created through the exchange of successful experiences and gives way to widen reflections about professional activity.

It is very important:
Collaborative learning tools
Forum, Chat, Virtual Room, Virtual Library.

Collaborative learning specific objectives sono finalizzati a:
To encourage interaction and socialization between participants promoting the exchange of skills and experiences between operators on topics concerning education,training and vocational guidance.

Learning Environments: Poject Xperfomare ( offers technological environments designed for “one-to-many” or “many-to-many” interaction mediated - according to circumstances - by the tutor or by participants’ relations inside a specific professional group.

The programm offers the possibity of development of Communities of Practice (CoP) organised in a way of create groups of individuals, usually professionals, linked by a common activity, using the web in order to develop their skills, create, share and expand knowledge on a certain topic. communities of practice are informal classes of work whose members can deal with common themes, search solutions together, create and carry out projects.

Some considerations of the tutoring service:

1. Specialistic support to users during the auto-learning phase: the tutor answers to questions, provides feedback on learning performances, assigning priority to educational content dimension;

2. Design, animation and management of cooperative and collaborative activities centered on content learnt, where the tutor focuses its activity on relational, cognitive and social dimensions of the learning group;

3. Provides guidance to users during the selection of the learning path.