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V. Gaspar

University Jaume I Castellón (SPAIN)
Since many years Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have deeply modified our lives, our everyday habits, and our way of teaching, learning and understanding the world. The education system of many European countries has been wholly affected in every subject by the use of computers, multimedia and Internet.
The European framework pays special attention to familiarize students with the use of new technologies in every subject, also in foreign language learning and in foreign language for specific purposes.
In this article we focus our attention in German for specific purposes- Journalism. We develop some tasks and activities conducted in German language for university students in the second course of Journalism. Our students belong to University Jaume I Castellón. All tasks and activities are designed and developed using new technologies. They are also specific tasks for German as a foreign language.

It has not been an easy way and our teachers have needed specific training in order to change a traditional way of teaching.
Up to now we have had an increase of the number of students and they have been more successful to complete the course.