M. Garnica1, L.A. Rivero Lozada1, L.C. Méndez Guevara1, J.C. Ávila Hernández2

1Universidad Tecnológica de Tulancingo (MEXICO)
2Universidad Tecnológica de Bahía de Banderas (MEXICO)
The Technological University of Tulancingo (UTT) in collaboration with the Technological University of Bahia de Banderas (UTBB) generate projects with high social and economic impact where technology transfer is done. This is in particular the case the of the promotion of a tourist site near the Technological University of Bahia de Banderas

This project aims to cover new technologies, presenting a 3D model in a web site. Development tools or free software have been used, which allow to avoid paying extra costs for software licenses. An example of these tools used is Blender, software that allows three-dimensional models to be created on the computer.

Our proposal specifically involves the construction and three-dimensional model of a photo gallery and virtual museum. This project includes photographs of the site with tourist information for visitors so that they can learn about an important part of the Riviera Nayarit.

The 3D model is an alternative that provides cost reduction as well as the knowledge of a site in a fully supported iconographic scheme which shows the diversity and richness of each element found in the site. We want this 3D site to be, like most museums of the great archeological sites, the medium by which people can roam the Bahía de Banderas which has been a source of astonishment to the public, researchers, scientist and artist, both local and foreign.

While there are currently a number of local civic associations whose primary purpose is the dissemination of the historical and cultural wealth of the region of the state of Nayarit, we want to provide a technological tool to reinforce this objective.


• Innovative, offering a new space for tourists on the web. It consists of a virtual museum that marvelously demonstrates the spectacular beauty of this place.
• Unique, introducing not only photography, but also feature research elements that describe in detail the views of the landscape.
• Interactivity, giving the visitor completes freedom of movement within the application. This is an improvement that other 3D models do not provide.

In conclusion, the social and economic impact of our proposal will be in the medium and long term, encouraging visits by domestic and foreign tourists to that municipality, thereby contributing to the consolidation of employment for many families in this region which depend on tourism, which is currently scarce and sporadic.