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Teaching based on accumulation of decontextualized knowledge has proven to be a risk factor in the training process of university students. General Pharmacology and, Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy are compulsory subjects (9 ECTS, annuals) of 3rd and 4th year in the Pharmacy Degree, respectively. Pharmacology constitute a fundamental area of the Pharmacy Degree. The need for meaningful learning by students is evident, to transfer it; that is, to use it responsibly in a real context when they need it.

Achieving deep learning in Pharmacology subjects make necessary to “step the knowledge out of the classroom” and invite students to discover by themselves its most immediate real application, in their close environment. Carrying out this activity in their close environment allows the student to experience and understand the direct application of theoretical knowledge, thereby promoting intrinsic motivation for the subject and deep learning of knowledge. In Spain, as in other countries of the European Union and the world, there is a large consumption of drugs. For this reason, finding treated patients, and even polymedicated ones, is not a complicated task for the student, which supports the implementation of the proposed activity.

Furthermore, it has been shown that a patient's adherence to treatment improves directly with the level of awareness about him/her disease, as well as with the pharmacist's interventions. A report published by the WHO in 2003 suggests that between 30% and 50% of prescribed drugs for chronic diseases are not taken properly. The role of students in this regard can have a significant impact.

Therefore, we propose the implementation of the development of clinical cases by the students of Pharmacy Degree as a strategy to achieve deep learning of our subjects. In this proposal the student becomes the protagonist and generator of knowledge for their own benefit; but also for the benefit of the patient (family member or friend), as they can help them better understand their pathology and treatments.