M.L. Garcia-Verdugo

Purdue Universty, Northwest Campus (UNITED STATES)
The Manuscript of Manila also known as the Boxer Codex is a “Relacion” or official account of the travels of Spanish explorers in South East Asia, China and Japan during the last decade of the XVI century. This small travel journal was lost from the late 1500’s until 1948, it is written in Spanish with some Chinese characters.

The ultimate objective of my project is to publish selections of the Manuscript of Manila with its illustrations in a multimedia Website and brief commentaries to reach a wider audience than a traditional publication would. Given the fact that several nations, ethnicities and moments in history are involved in this mysterious manuscript; a digital publication allows for a non-linear, multilingual and audio visual medium.

Bringing these texts to the general public presents several challenges, but the most important is to translate the texts and the historical context into an accessible and engaging format.

An accessible digital publication will add to the understanding of the encounter and exchange that took place in the area of southern East Asia between the Europeans and Philippines, Chinese, Japanese and other inhabitants of the region. My poster will present the process that I have followed from the first steps of research to the creation of the story board and, finally, the work with the engineers and designers to create a prototype for an app targeted to a public ages 12 to 18, assessment of the publication reception and effectiveness as a teaching tool.