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D. Garcia-Sanoguera, L. Sánchez-Nácher, R. Balart, O. Fenollar, T. Boronat

Polytechnic University of Valencia (SPAIN)
The first accessed of a student in the university is facing one of the biggest challenges of his student life, as the transition from secondary education taught as part of the university involves adapting to new social environments, both inside and outside the classroom. The university should play an important role in this process of adaptation and integration. As far as possible the university should reduce the impact that represents the access and facilitate the adaptation to the university environment and integrate them into the university community, resulting in better academic and personal projection. For the success of the program is essential to the participation and involvement of all: students, delegation of students, laboratory technicians, administrative staff, management teams and institutions.

In the last years the Polytechnic University of Valencia has promoted the university tutorial action program (UTAP). The UTAP comes from analysis of the educational needs of students. This program aims to promote academic excellence, the comprehensive training and careful attention to all university students, promoting the students integration at all levels of the university. Currently the UTAP maintains a general outline for each degree, but it has adapted to the peculiarities of each school. In this work, the program development of the university tutorial action in the Higher Polytechnic School of Alcoy is detailed. The program is focused in the integration and monitoring experiences of students of mechanical engineering. By this way the experience both students and professors is explained and it is analyzed its effectiveness as useful tool for integrating first year students. Also, the monitoring of these students in subsequent years has been carried out with the aim of determine the impact level of the program.