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The software development for teaching purposes plays an important role in the running of activities for engineering students. In addition, the virtual laboratory (VL) makes possible an environment in which the learning activities are performed in simulated conditions. Concretely, in materials science area, VL is a useful tool for studying of materials behaviour. With this aim, the program called Molecular Diffusion Assistant (MDA) allows to help students to understand the main aspects regarding to diffusion processes as melting, welling, soldering.... Also the system can provide information about the quantitative aspects of diffusion: diffusion ratio, speed, percentages of elements.... This work describes the MDA system under developing and the fundamental aspects concerning the software MDA are examined. The molecular diffusion assistant (MDA) software is a tool for enhancing teaching and learning. The MDA software was used as an aid in understanding the diffusion processes. Beneficiaries of this tool include students, material engineers and operators, as well as other professionals. In conclusion, MDA software can play a significant role for students with positive effect on the overall teaching-learning process. The MDA can provide a meaningful extension of laboratory experiments by allowing students to examine a broader range of conditions which are difficult to use in a common laboratory.