S. García-Sánchez

Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (SPAIN)
This article focuses on the notions of creativity and innovation applied to prospective teachers of foreign language courses at Secondary Education in Spain when using digital resources and a task based learning approach. First, we will deal with the concept of innovation for foreign language teachers. Second, in order to promote original tasks, which these foreign language students of the Master’s Degree in Secondary Education may bring to their classes, different e-resources are considered in order to create effective digital material that can benefit their future learners. Finally, these resources are designed with the intention of responding to a variety of language competences together with cooperative and digital abilities that secondary education learners should have. Various reverse classes and interactive activities created by these postgraduate participants will be analysed as examples of creative learning tasks set in a ubiquitous learning environment (ULE) that combines inside class with outside class work (u-learning). These learners were assessed as creative teachers whose work aimed to answer the foreign language needs of present 21st century high school students.