In this paper we present some experiences with the Erasmus program in the Informatics Faculty of the University of Alicante. The topics presented are related with different aspects of mobility. First, teaching staff experiences in Sweden and United Kingdom universities.
Second, coordination of mobility programs for students support in national, European and specific programs with other international universities. In the last years the Polytechnic University College in the UA have sent about 60 students of Informatics to universities of Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, United Kingdom, Sweden and Turkey. We have also received about 50 students from these countries. From data collected in the last years we have developed an application able to generate statistics from equivalent subjects in different universities and electronic management of learning agreements. Our students can access statistics about past years and blogs and forums from old Erasmus students are available to help them. Most faculties in the UA and other universities have shown interest in this software
Finally, we present the objectives, contents and methodological aspects of teaching and evaluation of the subject Internet Programming Course at the University of Alicante (subject for students Erasmus coming from different countries and with different background). We insist on the method of evaluation by means of presentations of works carried out by the students and participation in the classroom for greater integration of students of different nationalities and studies.