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INEDU.PRO is a professional group founded by Complutense of Madrid University professors ( The main objective is the elaboration and development of the virtual platform with innovation and interdisciplinary educational resources, being available to the general public, students and professionals from different areas of knowledge.

The goal Project is to continue with the activities of group members to join forces in a coordinated way. We are interested in pooling resources generated, and integrate the acquired experiences and methodologies, so that can be used by most of the teaching community. This implies a contribution to help improve the teaching-learning process for students, contribute to teacher lifelong training and the establishment and dissemination of good practice.

To date, the platform has the following resources:

• Reduca (Recursos Educativos). Electronic magazine with educational content, organized by subject matter knowledge, published in a variety of formats: text with illustrations, animations, videos, sound, etc.
• GeoImágenes and IneduImágenes. Image banks for educational purposes, organized by category, theme galleries, or authors. We accept the assistance of any interested person, by requesting accounts.
• Inedu.Flash. Bank of educational presentations in flash format, associated metadata and keywords.
• Inedu.Dic. Dictionary of technical terms related to different scientific fields.
• Inedu.Fon. Sound Bank for application to teaching.
• Access to external resources generated by group members in other projects.