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A.V. Garcia Luengo

University of Almería (SPAIN)
We aim an exhibition of the most applicable statistical methods to the health studies. Nowadays, it is essential the use of statistical packages in the resolution of problems with great quantity of calculations. The objective of this work is to create, develop and work on applications, which are of a great help to transmit information with a great saving of time and provide multiple experiences designed to maximize the educational potential of our students.

For this reason, different materials and new technologies appropriate for the teaching of Statistics are introduced in the classroom.

We do not aim the rigorous proof of the statistical technologies skills but a presentation of the theoretical basic knowledge of these disciplines and the most applicable statistical methods. More concretely this was presented to the students from the University of Almeria (Spain) of degrees in Physiotherapy, for whom the following example was set out..

In order to extract conclusions, the data collection is performed by accessing the database and clinical histories. Variables such as age, associated diseases and psychological attitude, etc. are taken into account.

All the results have been carried out using the statistical package "SPSS" and the outputs have been shown and interpreted to pupils with the Power-Point program.