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A.V. García Luengo, I. Oña Casado

University de Almería (SPAIN)
The exchange project consists of organizing brief stays for university teaching staff in companies and institutions and the temporary participation of managers/directors and technicians from companies and institutions in academic activities within the University. The exchange project can be requested by:

• Members of the teaching staff of the University of Almería
• Managers/directors, technicians, professionals and entrepreneurs from the private and public sectors.

The objective of this communication is to present my experience in the above mentioned project of exchange. Doing this, we encourage the introduction in the classroom of materials, resources and new technologies in the education and learning of Statistics. This allows us to prepare applications, which are of a great help to transmit information with a great saving of time.

This way, we do not aim the rigorous proof of the statistical technologies skills, but an exhibition of the theoretical basic knowledge of these disciplines and the most applicable statistical methods, for whose pupils of the University of Almeria (Spain) the following example about project of exchange was set out.

All the results have been carried out, using the statistical package "SPSS and the outputs are shown and interpreted to pupils with the Power-Point programme.