The following work has been carried out in the Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering, as it can find applicability in different subjects that belong to these studies, such as graphic design, web design, etc., belonging to the field of Design.
Its main objective deals with the effective dissemination of the skills and competences of future designers or design teams. To do so, it will be used a combination of both specific platforms that would allow users to develop a professional e-portfolio and different social networks, in order to continuously spread its contents as little communication pills.

Thus, it is expected to benefit from the Internet to widen the possibilities of being hired by potential customers to develop some kind of project, from a reduced local area to the extensive globalized world.

This idea arises from the fact that results generated in different subjects of Design are immaterial, so it is possible to develop them in a non-localized way and, as a last stage, make them material in the near context of the customer. Therefore, any local design team, or designer, could compete against other professionals anywhere in the world, as far as they would be able to be known by showing their work.

In order to make a name that way, graphic presentations showing the goodnesses of the projects and/or products the designers have developed need to be created. These presentations could make use of several graphic languages, from a more conceptual approach (as “Handmade Digital Sketching”) to a more technical one, covering 3D parametric modelling followed by its later rendering.

Once graphic proposals are ready, viral spreading will be launched, making the most of the current potential and deep degree of implantation of social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

So, from a starting point which is the very own team of designers, and making use of their Personal Learning Environment (PLE), that spreading will start with a first level of contacts. That environment will boost an exponential growing of the dissemination of each of the proposals, expanding the very PLE themselves, thus yielding to Personal Learning Networks (PLN).

Therefore, the incorporation of the individual PLE from each of the designers to professional specialized communication channels in the fields of Design that are targeted will be crucial. Furthermore, the elaboration of a communication strategy, with the help of a Community Manager would also be convenient.