This project arises from the active search for methodological strategies and tools that allow students to achieve active learning and transfer the knowledge. This is one of the University’s challenges of the 21st century. In the field of higher education, digital learning materials generated by teachers are rarely disseminated on a larger scale beyond each the subject or course which interrupts the possibility of learning by connecting different subjects. In this context, we would like to implement an activity to generate videos about some difficult concepts and/or interesting topics related to pharmacology. These videos will be held in a repository to promote knowledge transfer and to enrich the curriculum with the individual interests and social needs of the students. Furthermore, the students are given more voice and decision-making capacity, becoming the protagonist and generator of knowledge for their own benefit; but also, for the benefit of colleagues who view the videos through the virtual repository.

The main objective of this project is to analyze the usefulness of this activity integrated in the General Pharmacology subject (3rd year in the Degree in Pharmacy).

An online survey was carried out to students of General Pharmacology to evaluate their opinion about the usefulness of the creation of a virtual repository with short videos to help them in the study of this subject and to know their intention of participation in this activity.

The survey was answered by a total of 155 students. Most of them, (89% of the students) consider that this platform will improve their learning. In contrast, only 3 students (2%) consider that they do not need this tool for studying, while 14 students (9%) are not sure about its usefulness. Furthermore, a total of 80 students (≈52% of the students) show the intention of participation in this activity. Finally, some students highlight the idea that it is a highly innovative and interesting activity that could help them to gain motivation and some important soft skills such as communication, teamwork, technology, and creativity.

This project attempts to develop an innovative methodological tool to encourage active learning and knowledge transfer by creating a virtual repository with pharmacology videos created by students. Due to the high interest of this activity by students, the next step will be to implement it during the present academic course.