B. Galwas, A. Żyławski

Warsaw Higher School of Informatics (POLAND)
Warsaw Higher School of Informatics has launched a multi-annual MOOC Project “IT SCHOOL” to prepare and open on-line a number of popular courses in the area of “basics of computer knowledge” for students of secondary level.
The main objective of the Project "IT SCHOOL" is to popularize basic knowledge of computer technology, to encourage young people to study in the field of Information Technology and thus facilitate the study of the core courses.
In the framework of Project twelve online courses was prepared and opened with particular care in preparing self-assessment tests, allowing students to check the level of understanding of the learning material after each lecture ( The final test assesses student knowledge and its completion allows to receive a certificate.
Courses were met with great interest of the students. Within 9 months, the number of visits reached 3 millions, 25.000 registered students from 400 schools received nearly 60.000 certificates. Courses also received positive feedback from teachers who have organized consultancies for students. Letters sent by the teachers indicate a significant increase in student interest in education of computer science.
In the next academic year, the number of on-line courses offered in the framework of Project will be doubled.
During conference presentation the education technology used for preparing the lectures will be explain in details.