A. Gałązka

University of Silesia (POLAND)
It has never been so pressing for all of us to develop lifestyles and behaviours that are sustainable for the future of our planet. Develop students’ thinking with regard to ‘human’ sustainability – peace and human security – in order to develop environmental sustainability and living a sustainable lifestyle seems to have a crucial value. Sustainability through drama are ways to directly involve students in understanding their connections with their environment and their interconnectedness in the world. It is important to engage students and educators with contemporary thought and practice, to develop understanding and awareness of sustainability.

There is an ongoing international dialogue towards action on climate change, and it being the UNESCO Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

The presentation will show how to use drama to explore the key issues around sustainability using stimuli, stories, content and form. Drama has the power to engage students’ affective and cognitive domains in learning about sustainability. Drama allows participants to imagine other ways of being and possible alternative futures, through creating and performing theatre based on exploration of issues of sustainability. It will demonstrate how to maintain an optimistic view that adopting sustainable practices is possible and that students can be agents of change the findings of eco drama project, undertaken in Poland, will be presented.