This work has been carried out in the Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering, framed within the European Higher Education Area.

Here, students have been proposed to develop an ePorfolio (or Digital Portfolio) which comprises their own works, so that it could be both visualized from the Internet or mobile devices, and, even, transmitted by means of the current social communication platforms.

The main purpose of this work focuses on boosting students’ entrepreneurship and self-employment, by providing them with appropriate tools and strategies that would allow them properly make diffusion or their projects. To do so, both academic and non-academic works they might have developed will be taken into account.

As these students are related to the design field, it is important fostering not only their projects’ contents, but also the way they implement appropriate formats and structures so the final work has a sense of completion in all aspects. In this way, it is important them to consider the graphic and conceptual developments of the ePortfolio as basic issues, as it could become their “letter of introduction” in their application for possible recruitments or, even, for being directly hired as freelance designers by a customer. Therefore, the achievement of a professional result of the ePortfolio is a crucial aspect, as it would show a competitive image both of students’ and of their work that could contribute to their working insertion and development.

Furthermore, the use of professional digital creation tools in the making process of the ePortfolio helps students’ acquiring specific competences in the handling of these tools that could enhance their professional development in other design fields.