F. Galan

ETEA-Universidad Loyola Andalucía (SPAIN)
Entrepreneurship education is growing rapidly in universities due to a recognition that entrepreneurship plays a critical role in economic growth and that entrepreneurship education is vital in developing more and more able entrepreneurs. But Entrepreneurship education needs an environment different to the one needed by other courses and so, some innovative teaching methods should be applied.
In addition, the Entrepreneurship course taught in Universidad Loyola Andalucia (Degree in Business Administration) is compulsory, which means that some students are not interested in entrepreneurship and we must make them feel they are part of the course.
What has been stated in the prior paragraphs are the reason that have leaded some innovations in the “Entrepreneurship” course’s teaching and learning methods since 2012. Those innovations were aimed to engage students, which is extremely important.
This paper is about the project that will be implemented in September 2013 to attract and keep students’ attention and interest in the topic. Activities included in this project to involve students are basically related with social media, creativity and presentation skills training, and team-work.
In order to make students part of the entrepreneurship course, those complementary activities will include some gamification features. This paper is to share the project with the academic community.