F. Galán

Universidad Loyola Andalucía (SPAIN)
“It is vital to create a critical mass of entrepreneurship educators able to create the right learning experiences for students. Growing the base of experienced educators not only means providing the necessary training and education but also requires expanding the definition of “educators” beyond professors to include entrepreneurs, alumni and even students”.
Mentoring programmes are widely applied in Entrepreneurs’ programmes but in postgraduate studies or in centres for entrepreneurship; in both cases they help entrepreneurs to set up their company.
But from the authors’ perspective, a mentoring programme is needed also in previous stages, when trying to promote the entrepreneurial spirit in young people.
Following this idea, ETEA-Universidad Loyola Andalucía has established a mentoring programme for undergraduate students in the framework of the course “Entrepreneurship”. This paper shows the methodology and the results we have obtained with this mentoring programme named Telemaco.