K.A. Gajda

Institute of European studies UJ (POLAND)
The aim of the paper is to present the pedagogical transformative drama – its description as well as the way of using of it in the systematic learning during the weekly class meeting. The pedagogical transformative drama allows to explore drama and theatre in the methods of teaching. The paper focuses on the issue of influences drama (tragedy/drama therapy) in the process of shaping the identity of pupils (youth and children) and dissolving pupils’ problem – linked with violence, sexuality, phobias, fears etc. The pedagogical transformative drama is divided into the youth pedagogical transformative drama and the children pedagogical transformative drama. In my paper I present both of them, because I focus on the idea of the drama generally. I talk over the methods of using the pedagogical transformative drama in schools as well, which can be divided into passive (linked with passive kind of bibliotherapy) and active one (linked with active way of bibliotherapy and theatre therapy).
The pedagogical transformative drama/tragedy is not describe and characterize. This category of the transformative drama is created by me and basses on my researches. There is no analyzes of its political and social effects. The aim of my text there is to fill this gap and to prepare reliable analyze of the pedagogical transformative drama. The material which I am going to use as the basis on my consideration there are ( among other) three volumes of the tragedy for youth and children prepared and edited by me which are going to be published by Polish Publishing House from Kielce.
keywords: drama, therapy, youth, problem.