A. Gainutdinova, R. Mukhametzyanova, L. Chumarova, I. Kurmayeva

Kazan Federal University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
The article discusses a method to deal with problems students may have in terms of vocabulary when expressing their thought in English. The paper deals with the activation techniques making the process of learning and using high frequency words more sufficiently. The methods applied to achieve the solution of the research problem are analysis of literature and experiments performed in classes of English with the students of the second year of studies at the Kazan Federal University. The research is based on the results achieved by students mastering English through reading modern literature as well as the works of contemporary Russian and international researchers, teachers and lecturers on teaching students using effective techniques to increase advanced student’s vocabulary and improve their spoken skills.

The authors conclude that reading, especially reading contemporary literature can be used in addition to other strategies for vocabulary acquisition and will definitely help to bring new and familiar words into productive use. Being motivated by modern issues discussed by contemporary writers students show better results at mastering the spelling, pronunciation, and comprehension of words in English. Students of the second years of studies were involved into the experiment. The paper might be of interest for school teachers and University lectures interested in varying methods in teaching English.