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A. Gainutdinova, R. Mukhametzyanova

Kazan Federal University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
The paper deals with the activation techniques making the process of learning more interactive and more learner-focused. The methods applied to achieve the solution of the research problem are analysis of literature and experiments performed in classes of English with the students of the second year of studies at the Kazan Federal University. The research is based on the results achieved by students mastering English through communicative and linguistic games, brainstorming, group work as well as the works by contemporary Russian and international researchers, teachers and lecturers on teaching students using effective techniques to provide an opportunity for real communication.

The authors conclude that activation techniques included into the process of studying English at an upper-intermediate or an advanced level can liven up English classes and keep students involved. Being motivated by different techniques in classes students show better results at tests. Moreover, various activating techniques may be used as a diagnostic tool for the teacher, who can note areas of difficulty and take appropriate remedial action. The paper might be of interest for school teachers and University lectures interested in varying methods in teaching English.