M. Gacto Sanchez

FMV Mektepleri Vafki (TURKEY)
In parallel to the rapid online learning development in higher education we have experimented methods of embed blogs and online applications into our courses changing the students learning process. In our study we provide a critical analysis on blog use and online learning communities by explaining how they have been used in the Artistic and Visual Education classes at the Universidad Católica San Antonio in Spain.

Many educative institutions have reflected over the need of increasing art class hours and strengthening the use of Information and Communication Technologies for forming integral citizens. It has been extensively demonstrated that this collaborative way of learning enhances interdisciplinary subject teaching, autonomous learning and students’ engagement. However, experiences carried out in the Art academic field are scarce. By sharing our teaching method we have modeled the strengths and limitations of the practices adopted and clearly demonstrate how communities of practice and the adoption of 21st century teaching and learning strategies fuel learning.

We highlight that Art learning can be applied and analyzed within higher education institutions by digital learning, and we draw conclusions about how combined tools can be used to support learning.