E. Gabdrakhmanova1, T. Rusakova2, T. Morozova1, R. Salahov1

1Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
2Orenburg State Pedagogical University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
The issue under study is seen as urgent since education at all levels is facing an important task - to achieve a new quality - thus making it necessary to revise the objectives and methodology of preparing university students for professional work.
Professional training of Bachelors of Design Studies involves preparing students to teach arts-centred disciplines at different levels of continuous art education. Therefore, the issue of forming academic students' system of values is important since it ensures their readiness to work in the system of art education.
The objectives of the article is to analyse such basic concepts as professional activity and the system of values as well as the area of usage and meaning of these and other related concepts. The article also considers basic forms of training of Design Studies graduates and the importance of this process in preparation for their professional activity, in particular, pedagogical.
The system of values of a person forms a complex multi-level hierarchical system and occupies a borderline position between the motivation sphere and the system of personal meanings, thus creating a relation of the inner world and the world outside.
The authors used a descriptive method of observation and classification of the material as well as analysis and synthesis of data obtained through interviews with students, designers, and teachers.
The article presents the results of a study of the system of values of the Bachelors of Design Studies at Kazan Federal University, Russia. The authors present the components of the system of values of an Art teacher at the experience of a number of teachers of the city of Kazan, Russia.
The study has shown that the system of values of a teacher is determined by his or her emotional and psychological state, satisfaction and fullness of life, and its meaning. The system of values influences a teacher’s behaviour and activities, determines the motivation sphere, professional direction, willingness to be guided by these values in their professional activity.
The research has revealed the influence of the system of values of a student on their view point, direction, and awareness of a designer’s profession alongside with a lack of formation of professional pedagogical values and difficulty encountered in the application of theoretical knowledge in practice.
The authors come to the conclusion that the system of values of students is dominated by the values of self-development necessary for the career of a designer, however, students are not fully aware of the values of educational work, therefore, training of Bachelors of Design Studies should be revised and new forms should be introduced.
The practical value of the research consists in the fact that the proposed model of internship of Design Studies graduates will be the basis for the formation of their system of values of professional activity, including teaching.