N.G. Furtado, D.L.A. Anjos, G.G. Garbe, R.M.L. Tarcia, M.P. Ramos

Universidade Federal De São Paulo (BRAZIL)
The article aims to provide a repository of videos in health education project implemented by the Open University of SUS (UNA-SUS) on a pro-rector of extension of the Federal University of São Paulo, based on storage technologies video and used as support tool in the use of distance education project UnA-SUS.

This post graduate course, in its 1st offer trained 878 graduates students in its 2nd offer are enrolled in course 1600, the repository of videos already in use together with Moodle 2.3.1 + as a virtual environment platform, this feature is used for actions related to post - graduate and training of Nurses, Doctors and Dentists of the project.

Currently, the EAD is exceptional for health professionals. It enables to meet the expectations of a different target audience who, through their specificities, they have little chance of being served by only attendance education. Impossible not to emphasize the busy life of these professionals, full of stressful responsibilities within their multiple workplaces with absurd workloads, where they take care of other people, and almost always end up with no time to take care of themselves.
To begin the process of transferring knowledge, the use of educational tools becomes a great ally to learning. Among the educational tools used can include: personal interview - lectures, generally using the chalkboard, flannel board, flip chart, films, slides or photographs - drama - Posters - creation of specific groups - letters, newspapers, television, and others. Among these, we can also mention the films, which are media, and can portray the reality itself, contributing to motivate and attract people's attention.

The video is like an education link with double objective: the transmission of educational knowledge, and the spread of political consciousness of each citizen involved in the activity. Thus was created the concept of the Video Portal UnA-SUS, the main goal is to provide educational material for students of post-graduation course, but may open to the community these lectures and videos, having a function of spreading education and knowledge to everyone.

After the first offer, we had a substantial demand for access to videos in the Bioethics discipline, the first discipline was inserted into the repository. The demand for access is repeated in this second offer and the implementation was necessary and justified by the results and students ‘satisfaction with the entry into this year a new Basic Care project, we increase our collection of educational videos, as well as opening the possibility for online broadcasts. There were 6,000 access so far to the Video Portal on a demand of 2600 students only within the Project UnA-SUS, but this portal is open to public access and can receive access to other projects and students interested in Basic Care and the Unified Health System.

It is of great value to improve this project and its evolution to other departments of the institution, support and registration system in this environment ARES Health Ministry, earns more fame and power of communication between educational institutions and increase their exchange of information and videos in this case too. Since there is a cooperation agreement all material produced by the project is transferred to the Ministry of Health so it is public to all.