M. Fuentes Agustí1, M.J. Hernández Serrano2

1Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (SPAIN)
2Universidad de Salamanca (SPAIN)
Searching on the Internet along with selecting and reading online information has become, increasingly, one of the most important learning challenges towards current society. Gathering relevant information at the right time is a complex task in which many variables are involved around the student, the information need, and the technology (Fuentes & Hernandez, 2007).

Nowadays individuals have to cope with a informational world where is absolutely essential to get proficient in informational skills; and, at the same time, to be capable in a social and cultural environment based on new forms of participation, creation and communication, since the expansion of the information and communication technologies (ICT). This setting extends the significance of systems design and information indexing, retrieval, management and organization. Consequently, it turns the Internet into a powerful tool to access to information.

Taking into account that there is little literature about precise research on this issue, it has been reported, several times, that students are lacking in handling with search engines and with online information. Thus, from a pedagogical perspective, this situation is questioning the fundamental competencies students need to develop to find information on the Internet, and which is the best way teacher could assist them in solving strategically their searches.

As a result, educational mediation for encouraging students in critical thinking and decision making is an indispensable competence in today's society; this is, supporting students in seeking, selecting and gathering online information.

On this basis the paper intends to go one step further and present a learning and teaching methodology for developing informational competencies in searching and selecting the Internet information.