H. Friman1, Y. Sitbon2, I. Banner3, Y. Einav4

1Holon Institute of Technology, Faculty of Engineering (ISRAEL)
2Holon Institute of Technology, Students Office (ISRAEL)
3Holon Institute of Technology, "Israeli Hope" Students Office (ISRAEL)
4Holon Institute of Technology (ISRAEL)
Meaningful learning promotes the learners and gives them a sense of growth, value and ability. The term incorporates the qualities of teaching and learning in relation to two main aspects: learning and the learner. Learning becomes meaningful in a situation in which it is important, valuable and significant to the learner in accordance with his world for cognition and emotion.
In meaningful learning personal learning and social learning will develop. School will no longer have a monopoly on learning. Thanks to access to free content, open, available to all and answering different styles of learning, the learner will progress on a personalized journey of learning.
Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) has developed an integral system of environmental education and training. The course is named “Green Ambassadors”, and the goal is to educate the next generation environmental education. In the "Green Ambassadors" course, lesson plans were built that combine technological means, animation and videos alongside creative and experimentation activities- all these come to make learning meaningful and qualitative. In order to illustrate the topics studied by the pupils, the students used a moveable laboratory containing demonstrations, experiments and creative activities.
Through the experience, students strengthened their academic skills and values, formulated ethical attitudes toward reality, developed a professional and civilian approach, and understood how they could affect and influence their surroundings.
In order to integrate even quiet pupils, weak and even pupils with ADHD, the lesson plan was designed to contain a number of "attention cessations" for experimentation and demonstration, creative works) where the pupils would be ready to be released, break down and return to the learning process with renewed strength.