B. Freund

Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Management and Social Communication, Institute of Public Affairs (POLAND)
Health is not only an individual value for each employee, but also a value for an organisation manager who, in accordance with health and safety at work rules as well as ergonomic principles, should take care of his/her employees’ health.

Yet, the question of excessive stress, burnout, diseases of affluence occurrence – is still rising. Mostly it is caused by improper work under pressure conditions, as well as lack of work-life balance, therefore actions required by the law taken by a manager as regards taking care of employees’ health, seem to be insufficient in order to make organisation stronger, thanks to complete commitment of the employed persons. It seems that in the 21st century there is a need for more complex actions, maybe even specific type of leadership for promotion and health education of employees.

Therefore, the aim of the article is to present, as well as analyse legal regulations and selected practices of organisation managers as regards protection, promotion and health education of employees. The study conclusions resulted in presentation of specific recommendations which can be useful in the process of management and leadership for strengthening human potential of an organisation by promotion and health education of employees.

Study financed from sources for academic research or developmental works as well as related tasks, aiming at young researchers and doctoral students development.